Panda Otaku 2014!

Just a reminder… 4PM GMT today. Yey! Shop.tado.co.uk

Revealed a couple of days back (we’re late as usual!!) – Dripple Series One is an AMAZING collection of figure designs steeped in oldschool goodness, by a group of friends all of whom go back a long long way. Put together by the one and only Sket-One and The Mighty Jaxx the toy series should be as amazing as the story that is behind them. (you can read up on that online!)
The kickstarter already reached its first goal in record time – BOOOOOM! but there’s still so much more to do! You can find out more about the project at www.drippletoy.com and find out how you can get involved and what’s to come! We’re going to be working on some special incentives for the guys at Mighty Jaxx to help bring this series to your shelves.

Toycon UK Goodies Online Monday 28th April, 4PM!

If you’ve been following our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages, you may have seen that the annual Toycon UK event happened a couple of weeks ago down in London. It was ace! We’re in the process of assembling a proper post about it for the blog but in the meantime we thought we’d make a quick one to let you guys know that we’ll be posting up a LOAD of new goodies to buy and pre-order on the TadoShop tomorrow, Monday the 28th of April at 4PM GMT!

Pixelmania GO!


woodies_newIt’s been a very busy start to the new year here, and one of the projects we can share with you guys is a new Panda Otaku collaboration we’ve been working on with our good friend and long-time partner in mischief Nick Hunter. If you’ve been keeping an eye on our Instagram feed you’ll have seen the magical work in progress pics we’ve been posting from Nicks studio, and we’ll be updating with more once we get the paints out soon.
We’re aiming to have the first batch of Pandas and Piggles ready for Toycon UK in April, and we’ll be working on a way to make them available online at the same time too.

photoPixelTastic new Gola by TADO bag samples just arrived with us at TADO HQ Wahoo!
These are Spring / Summer 14 and will be available through www.Gola.co.uk and other retailers soon! We hope you guys like em!

Happy belated New Year to you all! We hope this blogpost finds you all well and enjoying the start to 2014!
We’re very excited about the coming new year but first wanted to say a big thank you for all the support, friendship, collaborations, opportunities, projects and of course ‘likes’ we’ve received over the past year 😀 😀 .
We’re extremely lucky to have worked and collaborated with some amazing people on some really really cool projects this year and we look forward to sharing more of them soon. Thank you all very much!!
2014 is off to a busy start for us, we’re already working on our second and third childrens books in collaboration with a good friend of ours, and Toycon UK is not far off too – eek!
For now here’s some exciting Instagram-type updates from Dan on the Unbox Star Wars Chubbies project – this may well be the longest toy project we’ve been involved with but it looks like we wont have to wait much longer and the results are looking spectacular! These are still very much work in progress but by golly they look fun.
Happy New Year to you all!
M and K

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